Save Money And Live Comfortably

An ineffective furnace not only makes your home feel chilly, but also raises your monthly energy bills. When your furnace doesn't work efficiently, it uses extra energy to produce the heat your home needs. That translates to higher energy bills each month.

Fortunately, you can end this problem with a new furnace replacement from Strouth & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC in Liberty & Greensboro, NC.

Turn to us when your furnace:

  • Is over 15-20 years old
  • Makes unusual noises
  • Heats some rooms but not others

You can count on us to provide a furnace replacement from one of our preferred brands, Airtemp or Bosch, or install one from a supplier you trust. Ask us for a free estimate on your furnace replacement today.

Do you need to add a furnace to your new home?

If you need a heating unit for your newly built home, you can also count on us for new furnace installation services. We can install a furnace that will keep every space in your building warm for years to come. Contact our local HVAC contractor now for expert furnace installation or replacement services in Liberty or Greensboro, NC.